Reclaiming Appalachia

Eastern Kentucky has experienced a crippling economic downturn due to the decline of coal. The unemployment rate is nearly double the national average.

More than 500 mountains in Appalachia have been flattened by mountaintop removal coal mining, yet the vast majority of that land has not been reclaimed for beneficial economic uses.

A new initiative in Pikeville, Kentucky, is reclaiming the flattened mountaintops of these former coal mines and transforming them into large-scale, high-tech greenhouses to grow fresh produce and provide jobs for the people who have felt the regional economic decline firsthand. 

This feature-length documentary will follow that story and the people who are Reclaiming Appalachia.





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Boyd Holbrook

Executive Producer

Boyd Holbrook is an actor, writer, and director from Kentucky. Boyd has acted in over fifteen critically acclaimed films and television series, including Logan, Narcos, Gone Girl, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Skeleton Twins, and Hatfields & McCoys, and the upcoming Predator. Boyd's directorial debut, Peacock Killer, is based on a short story by Sam Shepard and stars Shea Whigham and Elizabeth Marvel. 

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Evan Mascagni


Evan is a documentary filmmaker from Kentucky.  He most recently directed the feature length documentary, Circle of Poison, which premiered at the DOC NYC film festival and aired on Al Jazeera.  The Hollywood Reporter called Circle of Poison “an eye-opening and ire-raising doc” and “a straightforward indictment of longstanding ecological injustice.”  Evan's work has been the recipient of multiple awards and shown at film festivals across the world.  

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Jonathan Webb


Jonathan is from Kentucky and the Founder of AppHarvest, the sustainable agriculture company bringing the future of farming to Appalachia with high-tech greenhouses. Jonathan has been committed to finding sustainable projects that can be developed on the 1.2 million acres of reclaimed coal mine lands in Central Appalachia. Webb has been calling on leaders in the environmental community to reinvest in a region that has experienced devastating job loss due to the decline of coal.